Personal Statement

At Virginia Tech, I have been able to hold multiple leadership positions in Alpha Phi Omega, National Co-ed Service Fraternity and The Giving Tree. I currently serve as the Vice President of fellowship in Alpha Phi Omega.  I am in charge of bringing the brothers together through events such as Friendsgiving, networking, hikes, potlucks, etc. I feel this position is very important because it gives people the bond that so many are looking for in college and it gets brothers excited to serve the Blacksburg community together. At the Giving Tree at Virginia Tech I served as the GED coordinator.  This club works hard at helping those in need by providing them with food, nutrition classes, clothes, interview help, GED help and job training. I personally wanted to get involved with helping people study for and take the GED because I feel education is so important and the gateway to so many opportunities. So far, I have been able to contact people who showed interest in this class, I’ve gathered GED tutoring materials, divided up the sections and have begun tutoring session.

I have worked with Hokie Wellness at Virginia Tech, they give your information to people in the Blacksburg community who made need help. Through Hokie Wellness I’ve been able to provide child care for several families, work in a church nursery as well as help disabled individual’s complete tasks such as grocery shopping and house cleaning. This experience has shown me the struggles that someone who is disabled can face daily. I’m so fortunate to have been able to help these people in my local community and I feel it has made me well-connected with, my new community. This job and the amazing school spirit of those who I worked for made Virginia Tech home, and for that I am forever grateful.

My goal is to become an occupational therapist. I hope to open my own occupational therapy practice and help individuals live their lives to their fullest potential, for as long as possible. Everyone deserves a high-quality life whether it’s to support a family, engage in their favorite activity or just be content with life. I want to make this happen for individuals who never thought they could. I want to restore faith in families who maybe thought their loved one would never be able to achieve happiness or independence.

To become an occupational therapist, I will obtain my PhD in Occupational Therapy and continue getting involved with field work and internships, whenever possible.

I personally have been able to witness the impact of Occupational Therapy on my family. My uncle was diagnosed with ALS and has slowly lost his independence over the last three and a half years. We are thankful for Occupational Therapy and a great Therapist, named Amber.  Amber has restored faith in my uncle and his ability to do what he desires for a longer time. Because of equipment provided by his therapist he is still able to do activities such as feeding himself and opening a car door by himself to maintain his independence. These small things that we take for granted every day are momentous daily challenges for him as his disease progresses.  This is also extremely beneficial to his family who is also going through this gut wrenching struggle with him every day. That caring, personal relationship with someone who understands and who has seen the terrible process of ALS and how it destroys a person’s body and  spirit is so important and crucial for a family going through something so devastating.  Having someone there to listen and empathize is an amazing comfort during this difficult time.

Through my classes and volunteering I have learned a lot about occupational therapy and fallen in love with the career and the tremendous impact it has on people and their families. Having this personal experience that has forever changed my family, pushes me every day to become an Occupational Therapist and help other families and individuals in such a crucial time of need.

I am an extremely motivated and hard worker. The field that I am pursuing has had such a personal impact on my family that it has encouraged me to work as hard as possible to become a dedicated occupational therapist. I know I can do this with financial help from scholarships, so that I can focus more of my attention on academics and keeping my grades high instead of working fifteen to twenty hours a week.

I believe making the dean’s list three times, being in the Virginia Tech’s Honors College, completing over one thousand, three hundred hours of community service and holding multiple leadership positions at Virginia Tech shows my drive and demonstrates that I am a competitive and deserving candidate for your scholarship.

Thank you for your consideration!